Terms and Conditions
Customers can enjoy parking privilege upon presenting NOT MORE THAN TWO same-day official printed receipts of different merchants and corresponding original electronic payment slips (Credit Card, EPS or Octopus Card Only) with spending of specific amount to redeem the privilege with verification by Lobby Concierge staff Only one receipt issued by each shop will be accepted for redemption. Receipt(s) that is/are not redeemed on the day of purchase will be regarded as invalid A valid official receipt must be machine-printed with merchant’s name and number, receipt number, transaction number, transaction date and amount, and purchasing items Any amended/photocopied/reprinted/ electronically reproduced (e.g. scanned copy or photo images) receipts, duplicate receipts, hand-written receipts, Movie ticket stubs, Octopus Card reloads, bill payment, bank service, online purchase or payment, purchase of gift/cash/meal/cake coupons, purchase of gift cards/store value cards/prepaid cards, purchase or add-value of membership or membership card are not accepted iSQUARE reserves the right not to accept any receipts and/or electronic payment slips that suspected to be invalid, forged, issued not for genuine transactions or other grounds without any explanation The calculation of free parking will count the balance of each transaction only. All amounts paid by iCOUPON and/or cash/gift/meal/cake coupons from merchants, all sales offers, any membership bonus, deposit/prepaid amount, cash rebate and/or discount are excluded from the calculation Presented receipts and electronic payment slips will be stamped for confirmation. Customers may be requested to present the corresponding Credit Card / EPS Card / Octopus Card for verification if necessary iSQUARE has the right to make a copy of each eligible receipt and electronic payment slip presented to iSQUARE at the time of registration and to keep the copies for internal audit purposes Valet Parking Service is available for Private Vehicle only Each receipt is eligible for one redemption only Each set of valid original receipt(s) is applicable to ONE Private Car for one time redemption of free parking privilege A maximum of first 2 hours free parking for Private Car each time Redeemed Offers cannot be returned, resold or exchanged to cash iCLUB member with spending of specific amount by electronic payment in iSQUARE, can enjoy 1 extra hour of free parking once on the same day, up to maximum 3 hours of free parking with redemption on spending by presenting her original valid iCLUB member card and her credit card / EPS card / Octopus card for verification at the time of registration for this complimentary free parking. Spending not by registered iCLUB member will not be accepted in calculation This extra free valet parking privilege for iCLUB member cannot be redeemed in cash and used in conjunction with the use of parking voucher in iSQUARE Should any customer want to request refund from the merchant (with refund policy available), please return to Lobby Concierge to cancel the redeemed offer of free parking first on the same day Parking less than an hour will be calculated as 1 hours. Remaining parking hours after deduction of free parking privilege will be charged according to the normal parking fee Only accept cash for payment of Valet Parking Service The total parking hours will be calculated according to entry time at our Lock Road parking service counter until the time of payment and redemption at Concierge Counter Vehicle should be collected at the Car Park Entrance within 15 minutes after payment/free parking redemption. Hourly parking fee shall be charged starting from the 16 minutes onwards Private Car shall re-use the valet parking service 15 minutes after driving out the Car Park In the case of loss of parking ticket, customers should settle the actual parking fee in accordance with The Management’s Parking record. Parking voucher and free parking redemption will not be accepted for offsetting the charges Customers should agree and follow the rules and regulations of Car Park and Valet Parking Service iSQUARE reserves the right to terminate or amend the terms and conditions of complimentary parking without prior notice In case of any dispute, the decision of iSQUARE shall be final.
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