1. iCLUB Member can earn 1 iCLUB Bonus Point for every HK$1 spend via electronic payment (Credit card, EPS or Octopus Card) in a transaction at iSQUARE merchants. Spending on decimals will not be counted.
2. Member must present his/her iCLUB Membership Card, merchant-official-computer-printed receipt and corresponding electronic payment receipt within 7 days from the date the transaction made, to earn Bonus Points at the Concierge Counter, Lobby Floor. Only spending of HK$100 or above is eligible for Bonus Point redemption. Only electronic payment (Credit card, EPS or Octopus Card) is eligible for Bonus Point redemption. Member must present electronic payment receipt with credit card holder name as same as the name on iCLUB Membership Card. Member is not allowed to earn Bonus Points with merchant-official-computer-printed receipt and electronic payment receipt owned by another person. iSQUARE may request Member to authenticate his/her Credit Card.
3. Hand-written/reprinted/photocopied receipts, receipts of purchases or transactions at banks, short-term promotion booth, purchases of Octopus Cards, purchases or use of any gift vouchers/cash vouchers/gift cards/meal vouchers/cake vouchers/stored-value cards/prepaid cards or product voucher, Gold Club/Jewellery Club redemptions, add-value/payment services/online payment and purchase of membership are not eligible for Member application and Bonus Point redemption.
4. Each set of valid receipts can be used once only for Bonus Point redemption. Receipt which has been used for Bonus Point Redemption or gift redemption will not be accepted. A valid sales receipt must be an official-computer-printed receipt and show the name of the merchant, transaction date, transaction time and amount. Handwritten receipts, revised/ re-printed/ duplicate receipts or any electronically reproduced (e.g. scanned copy or photo images) will not be accepted.
5. All receipts will be stamped. The concierge staff reserves the right to scan/copy the merchant-official-computer-printed receipt for verification purpose and internal record. In case of any dispute relating to the validity of receipts, the decision of iSQUARE shall be final. If a Member fails to provide sufficient information for verification, such receipt may be regarded as invalid.
6. iCLUB Member must be aged 18 or above. iCLUB Membership Card and Bonus Points are non-transferable. Each Member is entitled to have ONE iCLUB Membership Card only.
7. To enjoy privileges offered by participating merchants. Members must present their iCLUB Membership Card before payment. Participating merchants reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. iSQUARE is not responsible for any losses caused by disputes between a Member and a participating merchant. iSQUARE is not responsible for the Terms and Conditions applied by participating merchants. All Terms and Conditions are subject to final confirmation by participating merchants.
8. iSQUARE is not the supplier of the product, service or gift provided. iSQUARE shall bear no liability relating to any aspect of the product, service or gift provided. The use of the product, service or gift is subject to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated by the supplier.
9. Members may be requested to show proof of their identity for verification of Membership information upon staff request.
10. Members should inspect the gift at the Concierge Counter, Lobby Floor. All gifts are not returnable or exchangeable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. iSQUARE is not responsible for the quality of gifts.
11. The availability of offer is on a first-come first-served basis and while stock lasts. Each Member can only redeem each of offers once per day. The offers will be updated periodically without any prior notice.
12. Accumulated Bonus Points are valid from 1 January to 31 December of the same year. New Bonus Points earned from transaction made from 1 December to 31 December will expire on 31 December of the following year. All overdue Bonus Points will expire and will not be accepted for any redemption.
13. Application for replacement of iCLUB Membership Card should be made in person at the Concierge Counter, Lobby Floor. 2,000 points will be deducted from Member’s account or a handling fee of HK$20 will be charged for issuance of each new iCLUB Membership Card. Member should keep his/her own iCLUB Membership Card in good condition. Damage or alteration to the Card is not allowed. Otherwise, the Member must replace his/her iCLUB Membership Card with 2,000 points deducted from Member’s account or a handling fee of HK$20 will be charged for issuance of each new Card.
14. iSQUARE reserves the right to use photos or videos featuring Members for promotional activities.
15. iSQUARE collects and holds personal data for the purpose of providing regular updates on iCLUB Membership Card Member privileges and iSQUARE merchant /product/service offers that may be of interest to the applicant. The applicant may, at any time, choose not to receive email marketing information from iSQUARE by sending an email to promotions@isquare.hk.
16. iSQUARE staff and the staff of iSQUARE merchants are not entitled to participate in this program. iSQUARE reserves the right to suspend or terminate such Member’s Membership without prior notice.
17. If the Member breaches any Terms or Conditions or iSQUARE has reasonable ground to believe that the Member has breached any Terms or Conditions, iSQUARE reserves all rights to suspend or terminate the Member’s Membership and lodge a claim for compensation from the Member of any losses suffered by iSQUARE or participating merchants arising from the breach of Terms and Conditions by the Member.
18. iSQUARE reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of use of iCLUB Membership Card without any prior notice. In case of any disputes, the decision of iSQUARE shall be final.
19. If there are discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.